INLA Certification Programs

INLA certification programs acknowledge individuals as trained professionals with expertise in their specific Green Industry segment. Through these programs the public will be made aware of the high level of knowledge obtaining these certifications requires.

The certification test for exterior technicians is a full day event. The test is made up of hands-on, skills demonstrations, preformed at the test site, which approximates "real life" scenarios. Candidates are judged on work methods, adherence to best practices, and safety ideals. Each problem had a time limit set for its completion. Candidates may test at any state's test site. Applicants are given written tests indoors; followed by a series of hands-on, timed problems outdoors, supervised by one or more judges. Most problems require applicants to install or maintain sample landscape projects.

The Certification Nursery Program is intended to improve the professional qualifications of nursery industry employees in Idaho.

Special recognition is given to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge in principles and practices of the industry.

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The Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) program is intended to recognize you as a trained professional with skills, knowledge, and expertise in the horticulture industry.  It is intended to recognize your skill and ability in diagnosing plant problems.

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In the increasingly competitive marketplace, every marketing edge is valuable. One of the most important marketing tools for landscape contractors is certification. INLA has become Idaho’s administrator for NALP’s international certification program.

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 Certified Arborist Exams

For an application or more information on Certified Arborist Exams contact Debbie Cook.

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