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What can the INLA do for you?

Promote your products and services through consumer marketing! The INLA continues to increase awareness of the value of using nursery products through the Plant Something campaign, driving consumers to plantingidaho.org which in turn directs them to their local retail nursery.

In the spring of 2015 there were two radio spots and two different television ads that had statewide coverage. The radio ads carried the message of Don’t Just Stand There- Plant Something. The television ads had two messages.

One of the messages was "Imagine a World without Trees and Other Plants," and the second was "Plant a Tree for Arbor Day". Plant Something’s goal is to encourage Idaho-appropriate landscapes and educate the public about their benefits:

  • lower utility bills
  • improved air quality and property values 
  • stress reduction
  • increased outdoor activity
  • a legacy of healthy landscapes for future generations

The Plant Something campaign was chosen to be a part of the Idaho State Broadcasters Associations NCSA program for the spring of 2015. Under this program the ISBA distributes their material and in return the agency receives advertising time donated by the Idaho Broadcasters. The Idaho State Broadcaster Association distributed the Plant Something television and radio announcements beginning in April 2015 and ran them through July 2015. The radio spots were heard 3,813 times and received advertising time worth $65,783.00. The television spots were seen 853 times and received advertising time worth $21,662.50. The line item in this grant for advertising was $15,000. The total return on investment for this period of time was $87,445.50.

Don’t just stand there… Plant Something!

Want to improve your quality of life? Get Your Hands Dirty and Plant Something! How’s a plant or tree possibly going to make my life better, you ask? Planting trees, flowers or shrubs in the ground doesn’t just provide you with beauty and shade, it can also improve your property value, lower your energy costs, clean the air, clean the water, and even lower your heart rate. Plants create a a more inviting yard and community. No wonder plants have been around so long. Put some green in the ground where you live, and experience the new life it brings to everything and everyone around it.

Growth Investments –  By adding quality, low-maintenance landscaping to your home, you can boost its resale value by 15%.
Shady Deal – Carefully positioned plants and trees can cut as much as 25% off your household’s energy consumption for cooling and heating.
Local Color – One of the most important factors in neighborhood satisfaction is the abundance of trees and well-landscaped grounds.
Greener is Cleaner – One tree can remove 26 pounds of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere annually, equaling 11,000 miles of car emissions.

We are passionate about enhancing the environment for everyone. We believe in more green space and increasing the tree canopy. After all, we are the original “green” industry. We grow things; things that make a person happy to be outside; things that kids climb, generation after generation; things that improve our air, our soils, and our streams.

Visit the Plant Something website for Idaho Consumers

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