Save with INLA!

 INLA members can now save at the pump! Get .06 cents off per gallon of fuel, including diesel at Maverik gas stations with your membership! 

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Universally Accepted Fleet Cards

In 2015, Maverik partnered with WEX to provide our customers with universally accepted fleet cards.  Consequently, if our fleet customers find themselves outside of the Maverik network, they are still able to purchase fuel at any of the 180,000 U.S. locations accepting the card.  The Maverik fleet card can also be used to purchase vehicle maintenance, service, parts, etc.  At participating Jiffy Lubes you will be billed with a %15 off discount on your purchase with the Maverik Universal Fleet Card.

Fleet Management

Maverik desires to do more than just provide fuel services in the most cost-effective way, we want to help you more effectively manage your fleet.  So, as part of our fleet fueling services, we provide all customers access to our fleet management tool to assist in fleet monitoring and mitigate against controllable problems such as employee theft and indiscriminate purchases.  Some functions of the Maverik fleet management tool include:

  • Customized purchase controls
  • Product-based controls (i.e. fuel only, fuel & oil, fuel & oil & service, or all products)
  • Period-based controls (i.e. daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly parameters for $-based transaction constraints and transaction velocity constraints)
  • Customized reporting     
  • Area specific transactions
  • By driver, vehicle, department, etc.
  • Exception reporting         
  • Failed transactions
  • Fuel type exceptions
  • Weekend purchase exceptions
  • Payment options      
  • Online
  • By phone
  • Direct Debit
  • Check

Additional Cost Savings

Take advantage of the following savings:

  • Cards provided at no cost to our customers - We want you to have as many cards as you need so that you have every opportunity to purchase fuel from Maverik.
  • No transaction fees - We are not in the business of "nickel & diming" our customers.  We are determined to turn you into "raving" Maverik customers.

Buy from the "low-price" leader - In addition to the volumetric discounts you receive, you can take comfort in knowing that your employees/drivers are buying fuel at the "low-price" leader.  As you direct employees to Maverik locations and take advantage of our fleet discounts, your employees will be deterred from indiscriminately purchasing fuel from higher-priced retailers.

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Want to Find Local Plant Material?

This is a guide to locating INLA member wholesale nurseries in Idaho. This map is handed out at trade shows and mailed to your potential customers showing the physical location of your business. Each member is listed with their logo, phone, fax, email, website, products, address, and directions to their establishment.

In June INLA produced and printed 5,000 Wholesale Nursery Maps. The maps promote the value of purchasing Idaho grown nursery crops. In late June and early July, we mailed out just over 3,000 maps to Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, Utah, Eastern Washington, and Eastern Oregon. The remaining maps will be given out at various shows in January/February 2018.

Click on the Wholesale Map icon to view the latest or the link below

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Looking for Products?

The Member’s Resource Guide is a listing of members and the specific products they sell. It is handed out at trade shows and mailed upon request to prospective buyers, serving as a powerful advertising tool for your company. Selling plants? If so, your company will be listed in the Member’s Resource Guide at no charge to you.

View the Resource guide by clicking here.

Reach Potential Customers Who Need Plants and Services

A listing of all retail members and their business services is found in this colorful retail service guide. This guide is given out during the year at home and garden shows across the state of Idaho.

In March INLA produced and printed 6,000 Retail/Landscape Plant Something Consumer Magazines. The magazine lists of INLA members who have retail garden centers and provide landscape/maintenance services. This year the magazine had the Don’t Just Stand There – Plant Something theme that complimented the media campaign currently running for INLA. There were sample garden designs included to encourage people to keep the magazine for a while. Articles were included on Arbor Day, fruit tree growing and why you should choose a professional for all you grow. At the Boise Flower & Garden Show we handed out approximately 3,000 copies to the attendees. We delivered approximately 2,000 copies to the Idaho Botanical Garden, Sawtooth Botanical Garden, University of Idaho Bonner County Extension, and University of Idaho Bonneville County Extension office. All of these entities agreed to be project partners and hand them out at events.

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Company Listing on the INLA Website

Membership includes free listing of your company on the INLA website with your company name and contact information. Listings include all of your business classifications (i.e. grower, landscaper, retail, etc.). If you have a company website, it will be linked to the INLA website.

Planting Idaho Website

Planting Idaho is a retail website with links to all INLA members businesses.  This website it designed for the consumer looking for more information on plants and is linked to your businesses. 

Click Here to Learn More

Idaho Preferred Program

The INLA joined with the Idaho Preferred program to offer many promotional and marketing opportunities to its members through the Idaho Dept. of Agriculture. We are pleased to continue our partnership that will provide INLA members with expanded marketing opportunities within the state of Idaho. INLA teamed up with the Idaho Preferred® program for the “Grown with Pride in Idaho” nursery campaign.

Full Application Nursery POS Materials Visit Their Website

NALP's Safety Company Program for the Green Industry

The Program Includes:

  • Guidance on further developing safety policies on motor vehicle safety, manual material handling, injury prevention, chemical safety, OSHA compliance, and much more.
  • Practical checklists in safety tips in both English and Spanish.
  • Ready-to-use downloadable forms, sample policies, and payroll.

Find out more

Newest INLA Member Benefit…

Idaho Nursery and Landscape Association has partnered with Office Depot/Office Max to bring you a FREE national discount program.

Save up to 80% off preferred products!

Click here to access and create your account. Use tracking/company code 0317.

Office Depot Flyer

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Up to Date News and Informative Articles

A newsletter published every two months which contains information on the organization, recent developments in the nursery industry, research findings, business management tips, recent and upcoming legislative action, new products, and news about members.

Click Here for more information about the taproot.

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Legislative Representation

The INLA coordinates grass roots lobbying efforts when needed, at the state level, for legislation favoring the green industry in Idaho. Speaking on behalf of our members, INLA has the power to influence decisions being made in both the State and Federal legislature. INLA also serves as a conduit to government agencies, such as Idaho Department of Agriculture and Idaho Department of Lands, with industry.

Idaho State Legislators

AmericanHort (formerly ANA and OFA)

INLA members contribute $10 of their membership fees to be a part of the AmericanHort’s Lighthouse fund. The Lighthouse Program helps green industry professionals become politically active at the local level, develop relationships with Members of Congress and other federal officials, and get involved with the industry’s legislative activities.

Visit Washington Impact for more information on actions taken in Washington DC that will affect you.

Lighthouse Program Brochure

Certification Program

INLA certification programs acknowledge individuals as trained professionals with expertise in their specific green industry segment. Through these programs the public will be made aware of the high level of knowledge obtaining these certifications requires. Visit the following links for more information and to order products and forms for each program. 

The Certification Nursery Program is intended to improve the professional qualifications of nursery industry employees in Idaho.

Special recognition is given to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge in principles and practices of the industry.

Click on the CNP icon for more information

The Certified Nursery Professional (CNP) program is intended to recognize you as a trained professional with skills, knowledge, and expertise in the horticulture industry. The Certified Plant Diagnostician (CPD) program is an advanced certification. It is intended to recognize your skill and ability in diagnosing plant problems.

Click on the CPD icon for more information

In the increasingly competitive marketplace, every marketing edge is valuable. One of the most important marketing tools for landscape contractors is certification. INLA has become Idaho’s administrator for NALP’s international certification program.

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Scholarship Programs 

Each January, the Idaho Horticulture Expo is held in Boise. Nationally recognized experts are invited to address a wide range of topics address, the INLA announces the winners of the Scholastic Awards. Each year at least one $750 scholarship is announced at the Awards Luncheon. These awards are available to any student enrolled in an accredited two or four-year program in the state of Idaho and whose declared major is in a field within the Green Industry. Scholarship awards will be based on scholastic record, as well as the student’s ability and sincerity in pursuing employment in the Green Industry. The purpose of this program is to encourage the study of horticulture, floriculture, plant pathology, landscape design, turf-grass management, botany, and other subjects that pertain to the Green Industry.

Scholarships page

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