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INLA Certified Nursery Professional Program...

  • The Certification Nursery Program is intended to improve the professional qualifications of nursery industry employees in Idaho.
  • Special recognition is given to individuals who have demonstrated a high level of knowledge in principles and practices of the industry.
  • This program facilitates the education and training of new employees.
  • It encourages and promotes continuing education and training of all nursery-related industry employees including owners and managers.
  • This program provides the Certification Manual as an information source for the nursery industry in Idaho.
  • To be eligible, applicants must have worked in the nursery industry for at least one year. Anytime thereafter, an applicant may submit the appropriate documentation and fees to take the exam at the next scheduled time.

In July 2014, these individuals became certified:

New CNPs:

Julie Winslow, Stephens Nursery, Nampa, ID
Daniel Schults, Horticulture Instructor College of Western Idaho, Boise, ID
Alexander Willis Sprague, Willis Garden & Landscaping, Boise, ID


The next testing session will be in January in Boise at the Idaho Hort Expo, where both written and Plant ID exams will be given.


Plant Identification CD for the Certified Nursery Professional Exam.

This CD has photos, plant descriptions as well as common and latin plant names for over 600 plants;every plant on the CNP Plant ID list. A Powerpoint presentation and a .pdf presentation for each plant category is on the CD (Perennials, Annuals, Water Plants, Broadleaf Evergreens, etc). The Powerpoint presentation was designed with the student in mind, automatically bringing in the plant photo and plant size first, with a delay before the plant name slowly moves across the screen, giving time for you to recall and name the plant before the anwer is shown.

Order a CD!

Items to help you on your way to being a Certified Nursery Professional


INLA's Horticulture Skills Assessment at College of Southern Idaho:

Horticulture Skills Assessment Certificate has been created to give to College of Southern Idaho 1-year students. This exam is composed of 100 written multiple choice questions and a 25 Plant ID exam in Power Point. Both sections must be passed with 75% or better. In 2012 this exam was put in a computerized form so the students could use their computer lab when taking the exam.

INLA's Horticultural Pre-Tech Certificate for High School Students (TSA):


Find out who Idaho's CNPs are!


Contact the INLA, P.O. Box 2065, Idaho Falls, ID 83403
Ph 800.462.4769 Fax 208.529.0832 email:

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